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Old School Hogwarts

----How It Was Before the Groupies ----

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All Members , Moderated

This is an open community created for the olbies of the Harry Potter fandom. Olbies, otherwise called Old School people, are people who joined the fandom before January 2001. People who entered the fandom after that time are allowed in, provided they show decent knowledge of the fandom and its workings.

The community was formed by rhiannariddle,meghanjinx and pikacheeka.
Its purpose is to provide a forum for olbies to gather and reminisce about the ‘good old days’, as well as allowing olbies to post fics, art and other fandom (or not fandom) related things.

Please note that the rules (see below) of this
community may change at any time, without notice, and we reserve the right to make this a closed community if we wish.


The Rules

1) All posts must be subject to a spellchecker. In other words, one or two errors is acceptable (after all, we all make mistakes) but continual errors will lead to expulsion.
2) Not all posts have to necessarily be about Harry Potter, however, we expect people not to abuse this rule. If you post a non-HP related post, please put “Off-Topic” in the subject line.
3)If you feel the need to flame somebody or bitch
about somebody, you must not divulge his or her name. If you feel you cannot abide by this rule, then please go back to your own journal to make your post.
4) Spoilers do not have to go behind cuts.
5) Art and fics should go behind cuts, however, long posts do not have to. Use your common sense though.
6) We do expect a certain amount of maturity from our members. No you don’t need to act like a staid old woman, but it is expected that you rise above the level of netspeak.
7) Not all of our members are tactful so therefore a certain thickness of skin is necessary.
8) And finally, we would welcome an introductory post from each new member. We would love to know you better and know about your fandom history.

Failure to abide the rules will lead to a public
warning. You will only get one public warning, after that, if you continually disobey the rules, you will face expulsion from the group.

Lastly, we would like to remind people that this is not the place to start flame wars, especially with our members. So if you are a pyromaniac, we suggest you go elsewhere.

If you have any questions about the rules then please
ask aylapascal.