Luna ;Lovegood with her heart on a string (devilzzz) wrote in azkabanbreakout,
Luna ;Lovegood with her heart on a string

I joined the fandom around August 2001, and have been writing fanfiction for over two years (obviously), as well as reading. What I want to know is...

What happens when the fandom is...


When J.K. Rowling sets down the pen?
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Well, as I have already said before - I hope we will get more stories that based on only some of the first books and therefore more different and interesting ideas.
There will always be plenty of room for Marauder era stories, and various enterpretations of what went on during the series at large. Plenty of fandoms subside on "dead" material (in fact, probably the majority), and I doubt that we'll run out of things to explore within this fandom anytime soon.
Well, how long ago did JRR Tolkien finish writing The Lord of the Rings? And that fandom is still thriving.
Whoa. I just realized that you posted this in December.
I was doing a search for Remus Lupin and came across this community... But I guess that it's pretty much dead now, isn't it?
Yeah, there are still plenty of Lord of the Ring stories, I dont think this fandom will die out any time soon.
I rejoice.