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Cliche first post...

Hey everyone.

This is my obligatory first post. I guess I'll tell some stuff about myself... yeah. I ship H/G and R/H, but I read others when bored. I believe I joined... *counts* in mid 1999. That somehow doesn't seem right, but I'm fifteen now and I was at the end of fifth grade at the time.

I wrote some bad bad Mary Sue fanfiction around seventh grade year. I've written some angsty HP fanfiction mostly for myself, but don't read much because of all the Mary Sues at FF.Net. I don't really care if the author writes them, but it is rather annoying to read about Harry's long lost twin who has 'blood red hair' and 'sapphire eyes' or another horrible cliche. I mostly go to Gryffindor Tower and SugarQuill for some excellent, well written fanfiction.

The real reason I joined here was that I needed a place to reminisce. I do remember the old days, before the movies. I remember when you could find good fanfiction. When there was so much uncharted territory. It almost makes me sad, to remember those days. It makes me feel so old.

Ok, enough of that. Thank you all for listening to my rant. I guess that's it. I'll be posting some stuff later.

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