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Since pretty much anything is allowed, here are my thoughts, if you care to read them:

skyeblack3: What are your thoughts on the azkabanbreakout comm?
etg rhi: *shrug* Well, I was the one who suggested an oldbie community being started, right? But the reason I suggested it was more for the nostalgia than anything, so bunches of us could get together and reminisce
etg rhi: Pika's not exactly the diplomatic type, and I think her initial "rules" have made it all a lot more huge a deal than it actually is.
etg rhi: what're yours?
skyeblack3: I think a place for oldbies to hook up and chat about old times or what have you is a wonderful idea... somebody tried starting one last year- the secret playground or somesuch.
etg rhi: yeah, Alicia, though that didn't work out too well
skyeblack3: but to be blunt, it seems more like some of them just mean to round up oldbies who didn't get a lot of recognition and bitch about the people who have to make themselves feel better.
skyeblack3: What's their beef with f_w?
etg rhi: I know. That's what I'm worried about, kind of. It's turning into an "I hate Cassie, her Draco killed my Dracofics and lost me all my fangirls" thing
skyeblack3: Rapidly.
etg rhi: It seems Cassie's always the center of discussion, whether it's because you like her or not. And it miffs me, because they can't seem to focus on the good things (like being a whole lot less plebey0.
etg rhi: Blah.
skyeblack3: They're all jealous of her, I gather. "I hate Cassie, her Draco killed my Dracofics and lost me all my fangirls" Reminds me too much of "The popular girl stole the boy I had a crush on."
skyeblack3: I would like to ask them all not to turn fandom into high school.

So: let's all try and not further the process of turning fandom into high school.

etg rhi: but it is a recurring theme. Like, every person has mentioned the "Cassie issue" in their intro post, like it's some sort of huge deal
skyeblack3: It boggles me when they say "I hate CC because she plaigarized", because they're all fanfic authors. That's what fanfic is. But, that's another conversation that's been beaten to death.
etg rhi: I know. Besides, everyone borrows lines & ideas from somewhere; there're only what, 7 unique plots in the history of literature? If you don't like her, don't read, just don't bitch about it over and over again.
skyeblack3: They're all little Antheas.
etg rhi: *headdesk* And that is why this bothers me, because Meg & Pika are rather good friends of mine from before, but their community is turning into Cassiehate -_-
skyeblack3: Pika's "intro" post seems to be among the worst of them.
etg rhi: Because I think she really is bitter about the Cassie thing. Like, very much so.
skyeblack3: Why?
skyeblack3: The attention thing?
etg rhi: Part of it's that, yeah, because in the end, a lot of it all goes back to who's famous and who's not. And she thinks Cassie ruined Draco.
skyeblack3: In a perfect world, if one didn't like a thing, they would ignore it and move on.
etg rhi: True but unfortunately, not all people think like that. Some people hold grudges for veryvery long.

Perhaps you should just break down and start a "Cassiehate" community. If there isn't one already.

The above isn't an attack, for the record. If I wanted to attack the surely well-meaning (I guess) attention deprived Pika, I'd insert a bunch of explitives and make some comments about her mother. But she's a friend of Rhi's so I'm sure she's great on some level.

Also, I had a thing against newbies for a while, too. It says something about calibre of JKR's writing and the greatness of the fandom that we love it so much we want to keep it all to ourselves. It's so, so unspeakably foolish, though, to think that the wave of people who came to fandom with the post GoF wave are any different than those who came on board just after PS. IE: you had the stupid ones, the fangirls, the smart kids, the ones who thought they were much more important than they actually were....

A comm for oldschoolers to meet again and bullshit is great, but in the case of this particular community, it just seems like it's a pretense for gathering up oldbies who didn't get a lot of recognition and bitching about those who did to make themselves feel better, as I said above.

So, yeah. Just my unorganized thoughts. Can be found at if you wish to flame me or something.

Skye Black
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