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*waves pom-poms in air*

*grins* Ahhh, I see you got it up! And in such a short amount of time, I thought it would be weeks before we saw this dream become a reality. How glad I am that it has!

Some of you know me, some you don't know. I know some of you, though (DMP, Pika, Meg...I'd worry if I had forgotten about you, Meg. You live with me!) I've been in the fandom since the fall of 2000 (which was possibly the best year of my life...and also the second most tragic) and have fallen out of it many times after, so that's probably why I'm not a very well-known name among those here. On Fanfiction.net, I was the incorrigible, idiotic Paige Collins, though I've grown quite a lot, I'm sure, since then.

I'm sorry if I sound like a total idiot; I suck at introductions. And I'm also about half-asleep after a grueling day at school (we go back early, in August; yet another reason I hate my school system).

So, hey, everyone, look forward to many bitchings and memories! ;)
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