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Another introduction

Well, hello from me too! And some rambling... :)

First, aylapascal, I've been in the fandom even less than you. My first story was posted on May 21st, 2001. Although I started writing another story (the second one I posted, still bad, still unfinished) already in March.

Ships? Draco/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Cho - now this is something people tend to hate! :D I read everything, though. Especially if it's written really well. And I mean everything.

House? Ravenclaw, although I've been occasionally placed in every other House too.

Cassandra Claire? Somehow something went wrong with her trilogy in the end of Draco Sinister and only in the latest chapters ov Draco Veritas it has become better again. I've seen better authors than her, though.

The fandom? Sometimes it makes me want to cry and just leave it behind. (especially with Fandom-Wank and Watchful Entity...) Then I find a fairly good story again. But it becomes harder and harder to find one. Even on FA. When they started it, only the best stories were accepted - now every teenybopper posts their stories there, with no restrictions... Almost as bad as good ol' FFN.

/end of incoherent rambling

Marek aka Luinthoron
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