Ayla Pascal (aylapascal) wrote in azkabanbreakout,
Ayla Pascal

Hello everybody,

Although I did not join the fandom until March of 2001, Meg said I could join anyway. I suppose I should now introduce myself.

I'm one of the masses of people who joined after GoF and now I spend my days haunting FA, trying to sort through the filth to find the gems. Alas, there are too few of the latter and too much of the former. In my opinion, this fandom is sliding, but every now and then, there is a ray of hope in the darkness.

I ship Lucius/Narcissa, Bellatrix/Voldemort, Ron/Hermione and Harry/Draco. Anybody who feels like forming an opinion about me from the last two ships will have to answer to my sharp tongue. I have nothing against people who ship other ships, and will, in fact, read well-written stories from all ships. Yes, even Harry/Ginny. I do, after all, have a fairly open mind. Note the word fairly.

I am also a Slytherin, with Ravenclaw tendencies. These tendencies are very small. I have written a number of fics, in a number of ships. As I said, I have a fairly open mind.

According to all who know me, I am very opinionated about all subjects, ranging from politics to religion to sports. If you ever want an opinion, just talk to me.

Finally, about our infamous Cassandra Claire. I have read her fics and find them to be okay. Not horrible, but nothing fantastic. Nice to read when you are tired, but when you want brain food, they are very mediocre.
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